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Dreaming of a Celebrity
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Dreaming of a Celebrity

When you repeatedly dream of a celebrity, you know there is a message there. What is this dream trying to tell you? There are usually two possible things going on here. I often tell my clients that dreaming of anyone, regardless of whether they are a celebrity or not, is usually not about them. If you think about who the celebrity is, there is probably something you have in common with them. For example, if you consistently dream of a celebrity who recently divorced, this could be asking you to look at your own marriage or relationships. You may also be dreaming of a celebrity because you long for a different and more exciting life.

However, you can also be dreaming of a celebrity, because you had a past life with them. This does not mean that you are meant to meet them. If you are psychically sensitive, you may recognize the celebrity after watching them on TV or watching one of their movies. If you are psychic, the more you see the person, the clearer it becomes to you that you have known this person before. 

I experienced a dream/out of body experience that involved a celebrity. In this dream, I remember me asking him "This is not a dream is it?" And, he said no. After this, I received many messages about this person and past lives with them. I have been a fan almost my entire adult life. After knowing what I know, I was a fan because I recognized him. 

Some people may read this and think I am only imagining a past life connection with the celebrity because I am a fan. However, there is another famous or well-known person I recognized where skeptics might be slightly confused when trying to come up with a logical answer. The person is Russian president Vladimir Putin. 

I first heard his name during the 2016 presidential election. When I first saw a news segment where I heard him speak, I knew that I had known him before. I was determined to know who he was to me in the past. When I tuned into this, I felt so much sadness that it was unbearable. I felt like I was going to break down and cry. Eventually, I was able to channel that he was my son in a past life. Ironically, my name was also Elizabeth then. He was taken from me in a horrible way.  I often tell my husband that I wish I could talk to him for 5 minutes, because I could explain why he feels the way he does about the West and many other things that may not make sense to him.

So dreaming of celebrities can just be a message about something in your life where the celebrity is just a symbol. But, if you are very sensitive, you can be dreaming of them, because you have just recognized someone from a past life. 
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