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Help! I don't want to be psychic.


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Help! I don't want to be psychic.

The majority of my clients are eager to open their spiritual gifts, but some also come to me because they are experiencing terrifying experiences. Some clients are also afraid of to open up psychically because of past experiences. Why is it that some people have beautiful experiences while other experience sheer terror? The answer to this question can be explained by your lifestyle. If you take any kind of recreational drugs, drink, or even take heavy medication, it would be very difficult to communicate with beings of light. You would, however, hear from beings who are not from the light.

So what do you do if you think you might be psychic but are afraid. Perhaps you are sensing negative energy, seeing shadows, or hearing negative voices. If you are using any drugs, or drinking, you have to make decision to stop. If you are not using any of these substances but still experiencing frightening things there could be several reasons for it.

You are beginning to awaken psychically. Because of this, spirits will be drawn to you. Scare tactics are basically Ghosts 101. They are simply trying to get your attention. These beings only want to be united with the light. Although, some may not know they are no longer in a physical body. You may find it easier to talk to these beings during the day. Explain to them what has happened. Assure them there is nothing to fear. Prayer can help you with this.

You may also have a lot of energy in your upper chakras. This could be your crown and  third eye.  If your lower chakras are not open or balanced, but your upper chakras are open, this is a recipe for disaster.  You would not feel safe in your body. You would not have the confidence to deal with these situations. Many people who are curious about psychic abilities jump right in without knowing the state of their other chakras. Focus on your lower chakras first. 

So what do you do if you do not want to be psychic? Focus on your lower chakras. Although, I highly discourage this. Your abilities are a gift from God. But, you are the only one who can make this decision. You can slowly diminish your psychic experiences by avoiding things that open you up: energy treatments (Reiki, pranic healing, theta) don't use crystals for the upper chakras. Spend a lot of time outdoors. This will ground you. You must also avoid things like ouija boards, tarot cards, oracle cards,  and even angel cards. 

What you watch, you attract. If you do not want to have psychic experiences, steer clear of horror flicks as this will draw similar experiences to you. Do not read books about the paranormal, or listen to radio shows that discuss this.  If your children are having these experiences, I would encourage you to get them help. Children are usually pure channels. Sometimes they do need an experienced mentor to guide them. But, you would want to keep your psychic children well grounded and avoid any psychic movies or books that are fear oriented. Children should also be taught to pray and should be taught the names of Archangel Michael and Jesus. 
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