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Dreaming of a Celebrity
Help! I don't want to be psychic.


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Dreaming of a Celebrity

When you repeatedly dream of a celebrity, you know there is a message there. What is this dream trying to tell you? There are usually two possible things going on here. I often tell my clients that dreaming of anyone, regardless of whether they are a celebrity or not, is usually not about them. If you think about who the celebrity is, there is probably something you have in common with them. For example, if you consistently dream of a celebrity who recently divorced, this could be asking you to look at your own marriage or relationships.

Help! I don't want to be psychic.

The majority of my clients are eager to open their spiritual gifts, but some also come to me because they are experiencing terrifying experiences. Some clients are also afraid of to open up psychically because of past experiences. Why is it that some people have beautiful experiences while other experience sheer terror? The answer to this question can be explained by your lifestyle. If you take any kind of recreational drugs, drink, or even take heavy medication, it would be very difficult to communicate with beings of light.
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