Channeled Guidance  - by Elizabeth

December 12, 2017 - I lowered the price on most tarot readings. Remember that prices are subject to change at any time based on demand. Also, reminder that readings purchased AFTER  December 15th will have a wait time of THREE weeks. The current wait time is 1-7 days. 

December 7th - The extended 12 month tarot forecast is $55 for Thursday December 7th only. The price will return to $75 tomorrow.

December 6th - The 30 minute reading is on sale for $45 for Wednesday December 6th only. The price will return to $65 tomorrow. 

December 4, 2017 - I have started posting the January 2018 love readings with a bonus 2018 love reading for all signs. The decks I am using this month are the Wheel of the Year with the Crystal visions. For the 2018 love reading I am using the Golden Tarot. I also used the Universal Waite for Virgo. I created the Double Card Reading, the Triple Card Reading, and the 2018 One Hour and a Half Reading. You can purchase one by clicking on the readings tab. 

December 2, 2017 - I created the Private Weekly Love Tarot Readings which allow you to receive a weekly love reading just for you every week. You can purchase one by clicking on the readings tab. I have also discontinued all channeled readings. 

November 30th - I only have SIX more days open to do readings for 2017 with a wait time of 1-7 days. Remember, after December 15th, the wait time will be THREE weeks. 

November 27th - Starting on December 15th the wait time will temporarily change to 3 weeks for the Christmas holiday. Rush readings and same day readings will still be available, but the price will increase. 

November 25th - I have decided to resume the monthly love readings. I will also be posting a 2018 love reading for each sign. I haven't decided if I will post them separately or with the January 2018 reading. Check back soon.

November 24th - I created the Angel Room with a daily angel message.

November 22nd - Special offers ended on Monday the 20th.  

November 20th - Bi-Weekly love readings for all signs have been posted on my Youtube channel & I have added a Dream Analysis Reading. Click on the readings tab and go to the channeled readings sections to purchase one.

November 19, 2017 - Special offers end tomorrow. Channeled Readings are not included. 

November 15, 2017 - For December I am posting Bi-Weekly love reading for each sign. This is my Christmas gift to my viewers. I will be using The New Mythic Tarot with the Crystal Visions. I will also pull one card from The Enchanted Map and one card from The Whispers of Love. All videos will be posted on November 20th. 

The monthy readings for November are finally up! The deck that I used is the Steam Punk Tarot with the Crystal Visions. 

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