Channeled Guidance  - by Elizabeth

Monthly Subscription

Monthly Subscription - Psychic message channeled specifically for you EVERY week!

Spots are open!

When you buy the monthly subscription -  you will receive:

- The option of a general psychic reading or you can ask specific questions EVERY week.
- Generous 20%  discount when you buy private readings. NEW!
- Complimentary 7 day wait time when you buy a private reading. NEW!

If you choose to discontinue this service, do nothing. If you would like to continue receiving your weekly messages, you will send payment again when I send you a message informing you that your subscription is about to expire. 

Please note that there is now a fee increase for leaving the monthly subscription and then returning in the same calendar year. To avoid this, you can make arrangements to change your renewal date, if you need to. 

$500.00 a month for NEW subscribers or those not subscribed during 2017

$600.00 a month for returning subscribers who have already been subscribed during 2017. First time returning since the new policy. There is a fee increase for those who unsubscribed and resubscribe.


I look forward with great anticipation each week for your beautiful messages. The messages fill me with hope and always offer helpful advice to stay on the spiritual path. The amount of work and time and effort that goes into these messages are very much appreciated. It is a great gift to be able to receive these once a week. - Valerie M (Subscribed since May 2013)

Elizabeth Crowley's monthly subscription is healing, answers to prayers & most of all a true gift. I recommend it to everyone who has faith not only spirit, but wants a true accurate reading from a gifted soul like Elizabeth Crowley.   - Heather Swartzell 24 - Winamac Indiana (Subscribed since July 2013)

Thank you Elizabeth, I am so pleased with my weekly readings! You know absolutely nothing about me , and my readings have been right on target with everything I'm going through and concerned with. Your guidance has been very helpful, so much so that I purchased another month of your accurate services! Thank you for sharing your gift. Namaste - Jean G. (Subscribed since May 2013) 

Buying a monthly subscription  from Elizabeth has been great for me. I look forward to getting my reading every week, it has been helpful for me because sometimes I'm too busy to hear my guides and Master teachers. When I get the reading it is a great comfort to know what I should be doing to move forward on my life path, and that I am being helped by my guides and the Masters. Elizabeth always sends uplifting and loving messages that she channels just for me! If you haven't already purchased a subscription for yourself or a friend you should, it's AWESOME! - Angel M. (Subscribed since June 2013)

Thank you!!! Words can't explain how grateful I am for the weekly messages you provide from spirit. The messages and guidance have helped  me in so many ways. I now understand why my guides have sent me to you. The messages you relate always resonates with me. They are so accurate. This also goes for the personal readings I have requested from you.  Each week I look forward to the messages from spirit because they always encourage me to stay on my spiritual path. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me. You are AWESOME! Love and Light. Jackie - New York (Subscribed since May 2013)

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