Channeled Guidance  - by Elizabeth

Psychic Session for the week of 12/10 - 12/16 Romance & World Events

You can read the session below or listen to me do the session on Youtube HERE Next week the psychic session will be found on my new channel on HERE!

ROMANCE When I asked my guides what is coming up in relationships this week I heard the words "I sincerely love you." I was also told there will be a lot of communication. This can be someone finally telling you how they feel about you. This can also be a lot of communication with your partner about your feelings or your marriage. I also had a vision of "October 8th." This can be a very specific message for someone reading this message where a relationship ended on October 8th, or something significant happened in a relationship. This could be what all the communication is about. I also channeled the words "Raw feelings." I also channeled the words "Over the top & emotional." So no one is holding back this week. You may have an extremely emotional moment this week where you finally let someone know how you feel. I also channeled the words "Girlfriend and hospital." Someone may be hearing that a partner has a health concern.  WORLD EVENTS:  I was told that something controversial would happen in Europe. I heard there would be a lot of judgement. I channeled this two days in a row.  I also heard the word "Gunman." There can be some violence happening. I feel this is in the United States. It can even be a terrorist attack. I also channeled the words "Going back to World War I. Lots of activity." I also heard "America & military." I feel this has something to do with North Korea. Perhaps Washington deciding to take military action against North Korea.  I also heard the words "Ventura and Police." I feel this has something to do with the wild fires in California. Things could be getting worse, or there could be some police or others that are hurt while trying to help.  Final message I channeled "Mystery & American people." I feel this has something to do with President Trump and the Russia investigation. It could be that some type of very significant information is revealed about what really happened. 

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